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US Regulators Greenlight NYCB’s Rapid Growth


US regulators have given the green light for New York Community Bank’s rapid growth plans. Despite concerns raised by some, the relevant authorities have approved the bank’s expansion efforts.

According to sources and public reports, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has given their approval for New York Community Bank’s $2.6 billion merger with Michigan-based Flagstar Bank, despite concerns from other regulators that the deal could lead to issues for the New York bank.

While supporting the arrangement, the OCC had worries about NYCB’s huge openness to the feeble business land (CRE) area, yet trust that the tie-up would assist with differentiating its advance book, as indicated by one individual with information regarding this situation.

The consolidation pushed the joined bank close to a $100 billion administrative limit which forces solid capital standards. The approaching new necessities, alongside the bank’s CRE openness, constrained NYCB to cut its profit in January, sending its portions jumping and starting credit downsize.

Flagstar likewise had CRE openness. Reuters revealed in May the two banks were among the main five generally uncovered when positioned by an administrative focus measure.

US Regulators

Controllers’ consultations revealed here interestingly are surfacing a year after Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse uncovered areas of powerless oversight and as policymakers banter the dangers of bank consolidations. They assist with revealing insight into the slips-up that added to NYCB’s concerns and are probably going to increment tension on controllers to be harder on bank tie-ups.

Interviews with twelve industry authorities, consolidation specialists, and administrative sources, as well as open reports, show how NYCB for a long time needed to develop by pulling off a significant arrangement, yet when the Government Store Protection Partnership (FDIC) hindered the bank gone to the OCC.

The OCC greenlit the arrangement even though the FDIC had currently secretly rejected the exchange over worries about the banks’ loaning works, as indicated by two of the sources.

Also, the OCC uncovered while endorsing the arrangement that it was in an assessment of expected biased loaning at Flagstar. Reuters couldn’t determine the result of that test.

As a protection, the OCC forced a unique condition that necessary the bank to look for its composed endorsement for future profit payouts.

With NYCB, presently battling to support its monetary record, endorsing the Flagstar bargain hopes to have been an error, say some administrative and consolidation specialists.

NYCB last week uncovered a far more prominent misfortune than recently expressed as well as deficiencies in its loaning controls. However, on Wednesday, it said it had raised $1 billion from financial backers.

Assuming that you have a financial issue, the arrangement isn’t to make it greater,” said Dennis Kelleher, President of Washington backing a bunch of Better Business sectors that have broken down the arrangement.

“The Flagstar-NYCB consolidation ought to never have been allowed…on the benefits at that point.”

A representative for NYCB didn’t give a remark. In any case, the two banks documented a point-by-point consolidation application which the OCC endured a while evaluating, records show.


Established in 1859, NYCB for quite a long time moved ahead as a little loan specialist zeroed in on New York land. In any case, the bank needed to collect stores to produce more revenue pay, as per one individual with direct information regarding this situation who requested to stay mysterious examining secret data.

To develop stores, previous Chief Joseph Ficalora was set on bargains, the individual said, yet his endeavor at a groundbreaking restrict with Astoria Monetary was left by administrative issues in 2016.

After Congress in 2018 loosened up rules for saving money with between $50 billion and $250 billion in resources, it became simpler to finish bank bargains.

Then in April 2021, under Chief Thomas Cangemi, NYCB declared its huge move: combining Flagstar into NYCB’s New York auxiliary, making a loan specialist with $87 billion in resources. Cangemi ventured down as Chief last month.

Ficalora and Cangemi didn’t answer demands for input.

The arrangement had issues all along.

NYCB was managed by the New York Division of Monetary Administrations (NYDFS) and the FDIC. The two controllers, as well as the Central bank, needed to audit the arrangement.

NYDFS supported the arrangement in April 2022. Yet, authorities at the FDIC had worries about fair loaning rehearses at Flagstar, and were likewise stressed over the openness of a portion of NYCB’s multifamily credits, as per sources acquainted with the matter. FDIC authorities concluded they couldn’t support the arrangement, they said.

The sources declined to be distinguished by examining classified administrative data.

The FDIC’s fair loaning concerns were recently revealed by news source The State House Discussion.

Before the FDIC could officially impede the arrangement, the banks reported in April 2022 that they were rebuilding the exchange so NYCB would converge into Flagstar, which was managed by the OCC. A public OCC sanction was fitting, the banks said at that point.

Subsequently, the OCC and Central Bank needed to survey the arrangement, while the FDIC’s endorsement was at this point excessive and the NYDFS would have no oversight of the new substance.


One sign that the OCC had worries about NYCB’s CRE focus was its condition in the endorsement notice that the new bank looked for the office’s endorsement before delivering profits.

The OCC forced those limitations to guarantee the bank had adequate assets to resolve any administrative issues that emerged post-consolidation, said an administrative source, repeating the OCC’s clarification at that point.

While banks frequently need to look for certain endorsements around profits, such express language struck a few specialists as critical.

“The OCC is motioning in the request that it has a few possible worries about the combination,” said Jeremy Kress, a College of Michigan teacher who exhorted the Equity Division on its continuous bank consolidation strategy survey.

Bank consolidations have turned into a petulant issue in Washington as left-inclining liberals push controllers, including the OCC, to take a harder position. They say permitting banks to get greater creates fundamental dangers and inflates costs for borrowers.

That discussion escalated after loan specialists including NYCB and JPMorgan were permitted to purchase bombed bank resources and as examiners anticipated additional striving banks should unite.

The OCC in January proposed redesigning its consolidation rules. It is hazy assuming that the NYCB-Flagstar arrangement would be endorsed under its arranged changes which would be subject to arrangements by which the joined element has more than $50 billion in resources for extra examination.

“The inquiry isn’t would it be advisable for us” permit consolidations, Acting Controller Michael Hsu enlightened Reuters in a meeting concerning the OCC audit on January 26.

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