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Top 15 Best cheap Cryptocurrencies to buy now in 2023


Top 15 Best cheap Cryptocurrencies to buy now in 2023 | Top 15 cheapest crypto to invest in 2023- Market cap, Current Rank, Market price ,Volume of trade and high/Low in last 24 hours.

cryptocurrency market has been fluctuating and being very biased in the last quarters which gave rise to many issues .However, They say Investors never stop for looking good opportunity and hope for better future returns. Yes of course in long run – Everything Matters then why not take the most part of it to invest and look for the cheapest cryptocurrencies to stake or invest in 2023.

Most of the cryptocurrency projects are still under cheap category to buy now and increase your portfolio for Long Run. In case ,If the no know nothing investor haven’t started yet, it is the right time to invest in the list below with minimal investments. However, it is very much needed to research before putting your investment into any cryptocurrency or tokens/coins at your own risk.

Lets start with the Best cheap crypto to buy now in 2023 as the year has just started with new hopes.

Best Cheap Cryptocurrencies to Buy now

Ripple (XRP)

Launched in : June 2012

Category : Layer-1 Blockchain

Developed By Ripple, blockchain company .It acts as open source cryptocurrencies with open-source distributed ledger named as XRP ledger. The developers of ripple have been very promising in their words and services stating the structure has been built to facilitate the payments and settle transactions faster than the regular payment infrastructure .


Launched in : September 2017

Category : Layer-1 Blockchain

Cardano (ADA) was launched in September 2017 and it became first block chain platform to come out as a research first driven approach. It uses ouroboros proof of stake mechanism.

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Launched in : December 2013

Category : Payments

Dogecoin (Doge) was founded as a joke and it became popular in the entertainment category. Founded for Fast and Instant payment system relying on Litecoin architecture. Dogecoin is the first MEME token to be in TOP 10 Tokens in the crypto world.


Launched in : MAY 2020

Category : Layer-2 scaling solutions

Polygon (Matic ) was built to provide solution for Ethereum network issues and other blockchain platforms.Technically their aim is to build an Interconnected ecosysytem of L2 sidechains .


Launched in : May 2020

Category : Interoperability

Polkadot (DOT) is used on multi chain infrastructure and smart contract platforms .Its unique spider web architecture allows other blockchains to operate with each other and collaborate to work smoothly in the infrastructure.


Launched in : August 2020

Category : Payments

Shiba INU (SHIB) started as a social crypto which termed to be a MEME CRYPTO (MEME TOKEN).Recently it has been transferred into a decentralized ecosystem.


Launched in : November 2019.

Category :  stable-price Cryptocurrencies


Launched in : June 2018

Category : Layer 1-Blockchain

TRON (TRX) built to use on smart contract platform. It aims to totally change the entertainment and digital content sharing industry by providing easy and cost effective sharing techniques of digital content.


Launched in : September 2020

Category : Decentralized Cryptocurrencies Exchanges

Uniswap (UNI) is a fast moving token in the cryptocurrency industry to acquire $5B market cap.It aims to provide efficient network on ethereum chain so that users can trade ERC-20 token without any middle man or intermediaries.


Launched in : March 2019

Category : Interoperability

Cosmos (ATOM) is a deep integrated project who aims to build an integrated token economy system.


Launched in : September 2017

Category : Oracles

Chain Link (LINK) was launched in 2017 ,quite older than the other Top crypto tokens in the list. It aims to provide true real time data to smart contracts running on top of several blockchains.


Launched in : May 2019

Category : Utility Token


Launched in : July 2015

Category : Layer 1-Blockchain

Ethereum Classic (ETC) was founded in 2015 for Ethereum token so that new token will use the new blockchain infrastructure and features. It was created on the disagreement on DAO HARD FORK METHOD.


Launched in :

Category :


Launched in : October 2022

Category : Layer 1-Blockchain

APTOS (APT) is a fast moving token who acquired big investors in small amount of time. It was been supported by many high profile platforms and raised millions from there. An independent high performance project delivering high safety and scalable layer 1 blockchain.

The above list may vary according to the date and market you will be checking the data.

NOTE : Not Financial Advice
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Ripple (XRP)

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