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Technical Analysis of ETH: Safe Position Above $4000


Dive into the technical analysis of (ETH) as it secures a position above $4000. Understand the market trends and factors contributing to ETHEREUM’s strong performance in the crypto market

Ethereum Technical Analysis ETHEREUM Breaks Through Key Resistance Level and Rises Above $4,000.

On March 11, the price of Ethereum showed a bullish trend, closing at $4,053 after reaching a low of $3,800. Despite mixed sentiments indicated by oscillators, the digital currency displayed areas of strength for buyers, with moving averages tilted in their favor. The trading volume stood at $27.57 billion.


Ethereum’s venture on Walk 11 denoted a huge upswing, with the cost swaying somewhere between $3,800 and $4,053. This unpredictability highlights the powerful market opinion as financial backers explore the crypto space, supported by Ethereum’s heavy market capitalization of $483 billion. The day’s oscillator readings offered a nuanced perspective on market elements. The overall strength record (RSI) waited in the impartial zone at 84.6, recommending a fair yet warmed exchanging climate.

Currently, brokers are observing a positive sign in Ether’s moving average combination difference (MACD) level, increasing their bullish sentiment. Ether’s moving averages (MAs) indicate a consistent buying pattern across various time frames. This pattern suggests areas of strength for traders and dealer confidence, with shorter-term averages such as the exponential moving average (EMA-10) and the simple moving average (SMA-10), supporting the current bullish outlook.

The analysis of the market trend showed an upward trend with more frequent low points and higher peaks. It is recommended to observe the daily chart’s candlestick patterns closely to identify potential entry points. Pullbacks are significant in identifying reliable entry opportunities. More detailedly, the 4-hour chart displayed high volatility with entry points following a rise that exceeds the previous drop in price. The 1-hour chart suggests intraday trading strategies, recommending entry after small pullbacks following a sharp price increase to capture the momentum of short-term trends.

Bull Decision

The information from Walk 11, 2024, shows a bullish standpoint for Ethereum, driven by areas of strength by signals, like bullish moving midpoints and a good MACD. With supported purchasing strain and positive market feeling, Price is ready for additional increases. Dealers might consider exploiting the ongoing energy and the hidden strength of the market.

Bear Decision

Regardless of the positive patterns, a negative viewpoint thinks about market overextension and expected rectifications. The high RSI recommends Ethereum may be drawing nearer to overbought conditions, raising the gamble of a momentary pullback. Mindfulness and preparation to change positions in light of indications of market inversion are prompted for dealers.

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Source: News.bitcoin.com

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice. Always conduct your research or consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

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