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Stock Market won’t get Santa Clause gift for 2023


Stock Market latest news Update : After a sudden drop in the numbers of S&P 500 and DOW JONES industrial average this week ,market has fall down to three month low in the sharpest move.

Market Analysts said ,” Investors are not looking forward to attain quicks profits as the sentiment is to trade off on the commodities rather than filing tangible stock gains in this festive season”.


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Christmas festivity has brought the equity market having the higher yields with contracted earnings making them more volatile in all the segments ,” said Senior Analyst and economist.

The tumbling U.S stock market has suffered to recover on the steady pace after the Covid where Fed are trying hard to stabilize the economy. Multiple instances has been creating the unstable nature in the market like Russia-Ukraine war, High inflation rate, high unemployment rate , etc.

The sudden drop emerged after the federal reserve revealed the economic data for strong potential economic recession. Inflation battle has become more aggressive than before as the slower economy rate has been more than the anticipation of the analysts.

The senior traders and economists have revealed the history of Santa Claus being popular in the month of December .it has been observed upward rally every year in the last few days of December and in the first week of January .The data released by ALMANAC shows how S&P 500 boosted the economy with 1.35 % increase every year .

December 2022 last week decisions will decide the fate of year 2023 as the month is not only the important month of the year but even very crucial at the time of midterm election year. Un-certainity always becomes the ghost for most of the Traders and investors however, Passive investors are never been affected by the nature of the market.


  • CPI 0.45 % in October
  • Whole sale prices were higher in November
  • CPI index rose 0.3 % in November
  • Fed might increase the rates 50 basis points to a range of 4.25% to 4.50%.
  • Fed Reserve update might come next week before christmas.
  • Equity markets are having eye on the updates of Fed updates for inflation cut rates to 2 % .

November consumer price Index has rose upto 0.3 % in the month with a gain of 0.2 % in the later month .Same has been seen in the month of october with an increase of 0.4 % .

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The sudden crash of FTX exchange has also brought slightly change in the market with the investors questioning the authorities for their investment.

Inflation is running hotter and fed is looking to cut the rates to avoid recession..

Market senior economists have trolled the investors to interpreting the market according to the situation.

Potential reasons for market plurge have not been in the context yet as the later years have been always in the detailed explaination to the users.

Losses have been booked by 3 main US stock indexes where the equities have been rallied off in the october later.

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