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Nasdaq TOP 10 Best US Pharma Stocks to invest in 2023


Nasdaq TOP 10 Best US Pharma Stocks to invest in 2023 | Best pharma stocks to buy in US 2023 – detailed guide with Market capitalization, Company financial ratios, Statement, P/e value, dividend information and everything you need to know.

Pharmaceutical Industry has grown over the expectation in recent years after covid-19. It has taken a tremendous rise after the pandemic where the medical necessities have been increased to higher extent which made these companies market capitalization in Billions.

We are going to let you know about Top 10 Pharma and medical stocks to invest in US for 2023 with their detailed information so that you can easily make choices.

What is Pharma Stocks or Pharmaceutical stocks?

Pharma stocks are the shares of pharmaceutical corporations. Pharma firms and their stocks have emerged as one of the most appealing investment options due to the quick development and growth of science and technology in the medical sector.

Under the healthcare sector, the pharmaceutical sector is a subsector. It is specifically related to the development, production, and marketing of pharmaceuticals. The pills and medicines may be generic or tailored to treat particular conditions. The top 10 therapeutic areas in the pharmaceutical industry saw overall global sales of $36 billion in 2018.

Therefore, for investors seeking both long-term gains and immediate dividend payments, pharmaceutical stocks represent important high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities.

Nasdaq Top 10 list of US Pharma stocks to Invest in 2023 | Best Pharma stocks to Buy in USA 2023

United Health Group (NYSE:UNH)

An international managed healthcare and insurance organization with headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is UnitedHealth Group Incorporated. It provides services for insurance and healthcare products. The largest healthcare corporation by revenue, the largest insurance company by net premiums, and the seventh largest company in the world overall are all a part of UnitedHealth Group. 80% of the Group’s total revenues come from UnitedHealthcare.

On the Fortune Global 500 for 2022, the company is rated number 11.

As of March 31, 2021, UnitedHealth Group’s market value was $400.7 billion.

Company Details

OrganizationUnitedHealth Group Incorporated
CEOSir Andrew Philip Witty
IndustryHealth Services


Market Capitalization480.0B
Book Value$82.35
Dividend Share1.45
Dividend Yield1.3%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)19.14
PE Ratio26.81
PEG Ratio1.6
Wall Street Target Price590.45

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ)

The American multinational corporation Johnson & Johnson focuses primarily on providing medical and consumer goods. The corporate offices of the corporation are in New Jersey, USA. In 1886, James, Robert, and Edward Mead Johnson formed the business.

One of the most valuable companies in the world is Johnson & Johnson. It operates in 60 different countries through almost 250 subsidiary companies. Its goods are sold in more than 175 nations. Band-Aids, newborn items, Tylenol pharmaceuticals, and other products from Johnson & Johnson are some of their well-known consumer goods.

Johnson & Johnson brought in $82.584 billion in revenue in 2020. Johnson & Johnson’s chairman and CEO is Joaquin Duato. Paul Stoffels serves as vice chairman of the executive committee, which also includes a number of other people.

According to total revenue, the company was placed number 36 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest American corporations in 2021. The stock of Johnson & Johnson is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the tickers JNJ, S&P 100, and S&P 500. The market value of Johnson & Johnson is at $434.21 billion. The P.E ratio for it is 23.94. Johnson & Johnson’s stock is currently trading at $164.46.

Company Information

OrganizationJohnson & Johnson
CEOMr. Alex Gorsky
IndustryHealth Technology


Market Capitalization432.4B
Book Value$29.04
Dividend Share4.31
Dividend Yield2.8003%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)6.87
PE Ratio23.94
PEG Ratio3.61
Wall Street Target Price186.31

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Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:LLY)

A multinational pharmaceutical business with locations in 18 countries, Lilly (Eli) & Co. is based in the United States. Its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana, and it offers pharmaceutical products in more than 125 nations. This business was started in 1876 by Colonel Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical chemist and participant of the American Civil War.

It trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LLY (NYSE). As of 2019, Lilly had over 33,000 employees and made over 22 billion USD in revenue. By being faithful to its mission, the organization is committed to conducting research and developing top-notch medications for the welfare of humanity.

This company began manufacturing quinine, a medication used to treat malaria, in 1876. Gelatin-coating for the capsules and pills, as well as sugar-coated pills that are simpler to swallow, were two of its many laudable advances.

In the early 1880s, it also created a number of medications for the treatment of syphilis, rheumatism, eczema, and psoriasis. According to a scientific magazine, the Lilly plant was the world’s largest capsule manufacturing in 1917. Lilly began mass-producing the insulin known as “Iletin” in 1923, which was used to treat diabetes in the US. Additionally, it was the first corporation to mass-produce penicillin in the 1940s, and in the early 1950s, it started making the polio vaccine. In 2017 it paid 960 million USD for CoLucid, then in 2018 it paid 1.6 billion USD for Armo Biosciences.

Additionally, it paid 575 million USD for the Aurora Kinase A, a producer of inhibitors. It purchased a number of businesses to create and conduct breakthrough research. The company conducts volunteer and philanthropic activities globally with the goal of bringing life-changing research to the community. The market capitalization of Lilly(Eli) & Co. is at $315.55 billion. It has a 52.89 P/E ratio. The price of Lilly(Eli) & Co. shares is currently $331.39.

Company Information

OrganizationEli Lilly and Company
CEOMr. David A. Ricks
IndustryHealth Technology


Market Capitalization314.9B
Book Value$8.99
Dividend Share3.66
Dividend Yield1.2%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)6.27
PE Ratio42.49
PEG Ratio1.97
Wall Street Target Price346.71

AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV)

The goal of AbbVie is to develop and distribute cutting-edge medications that treat urgent medical problems now and in the future. The Company aims to make a significant difference in people’s lives in a number of important therapeutic areas, including gastroenterology, eye care, virology, oncology, and neurology, in addition to the goods and services offered through its Allergan Aesthetics portfolio.

Company Information

OrganizationAbbVie Inc.
CEOMr. Richard A. Gonzalez
IndustryHealth Technolog


Market Capitalization252.7B
Book Value$8.29
Dividend Share5.53
Dividend Yield4.0%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)7.07
PE Ratio20.22
PEG Ratio1.28
Wall Street Target Price158.66

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart established Pfizer Inc., a multinational biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, in 1849. With current operations and deliveries taking place all around the world, its present headquarters are in New York City, USA. Pfizer has been applying a strict and scientific approach to its supply chain to ensure that the medication and vaccination needs of every patient and individual are addressed.

Pfizer Global Supply presently oversees a global network of 58 production facilities (PGS). It embarked into a number of merger and acquisition agreements with other firms, such as Wyeth, Pharmacia, Warner-Lambert, Inn pharma, etc., to further extend its operations in the research and pharmaceutical sectors. Its main areas of interest are internal medicine, uncommon disorders, vaccinations, inflammation, immunology, cancer, and anti-infectives. They have significant R&D platforms in the areas of maternal vaccinations, biosimilars, medicinal sciences, and gene therapy.

PFE is the ticker symbol for Pfizer on stock exchanges. The company’s financials are as follows: For the year 2020, Pfizer reported revenues of $41.908 billion and net income of $6985 million. Pfizer has been successful in the early development of the Pfizer-BioNTech Vocid-19 vaccine and has made major contributions to the battle against Covid-19. Pfizer earned the Top Employer Certification in the UK for the fifth consecutive year in 2020.

According to sales, Pfizer is the world’s fourth-largest pharmaceutical firm in terms of market capitalization. It is currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange and in indices such the Russell 1000 Index, S&P 100, and S&P 500. Pfizer Inc. now has a market value of $240.55 billion. It has an 8.54 P.E. ratio. Pfizer Inc. stock is currently trading at $43.65.

Company Information

OrganizationPfizer Inc.
CEODr. Albert Bourla D.V.M., DVM, Ph.D.
IndustryHealth Technology


Market Capitalization243.6B
Book Value$15.59
Dividend Share1.58
Dividend Yield3.697%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)5.14
PE Ratio8.44
PEG Ratio1.17
Wall Street Target Price56.81

Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK)

American multinational pharmaceutical business Merck & Co., Inc. Under the name Merck Sharp & Dohme, the corporation operates outside of the United States and Canada (MSD). In 1891, it was established as an American division of the German pharmaceutical firm Merck & Co.

In honour of the Merck family, the business was given this name. In 2000, Merck paid Glaxo India Rs 8 crore—far more than the markup on the market—for the Livogen trademark. The company claims that a co-marketing agreement with the regional pharmaceutical company Kopran will be used to distribute regular basis in the Philippines.

Taloja was acquired by Biochem Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd for a sum of Rs 100 million in 2004, making it the most expensive acquisition the business has ever undertaken. The decision to change the company’s name from E Merck (India) Ltd to Merck Ltd was made on March 27, 2002, and the new name became official on that day.

As a result, the company’s entire production capacity rose to 351 tones in 2006, an increase of 33 tones in its capacity to manufacture bulk drugs. The pharmaceutical industry will have six top-selling drugs or products with annual sales of more than $1 billion by 2020. Keytruda, an antibody used to treat cancer, is anticipated to generate $14.3 billion in revenue this year.

Both Varivax and Gardasil are anticipated to generate $3.9 billion in revenue each. The market capitalization of Merck & Co. Inc. is currently $233.52 billion. It has a 14.25 P.E. ratio. Merck & Co. Inc. shares are currently trading at $94.12.

Company Information

OrganizationMerck & Co. Inc.
CEOMr. Kenneth C. Frazier
IndustryHealth Technology


Market Capitalization233.5B
Book Value$17.07
Dividend Share2.68
Dividend Yield3.0%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)6.55
PE Ratio14.07
PEG Ratio1.17
Wall Street Target Price101.86

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (NYSE:TMO)

Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific, the Company’s parents, merged to create it in 2006. Analytical and laboratory instruments were available from Thermo Electron. $2 billion in income was generated by it in 2004. In 1902, Fisher Scientific was established.

It offers related services as well as laboratory equipment. The resulting Company works in the healthcare sector and is focused on research and diagnostics. Life sciences solutions, analytical tools, specialist diagnostics, and laboratory goods and services make up the company’s segments.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has purchased 65 businesses over the years, including 13 in just the last five years. About 22 acquisitions were sponsored by private equity firms. Eight further assets were also sold.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s largest acquisition to date was for $17.4 billion in 2021. The European Viral Vector Company and Mesa Biotech are the most recent purchases. The company currently serves more than 4,00000 clients worldwide. More than 75,000 people have worked there.

More than half of the company’s sales are in North America. The pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, healthcare, academic, and governmental sectors make up the company’s main markets. It is comparable to firms like Agilent Technologies, Becton Dickinson, and Abbott Laboratories. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. now has a $197.09 billion market worth. The P.E. ratio for it is 27.53. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. shares are currently trading at $517.23.

Company Information

OrganizationThermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
CEOMr. Marc N. Casper
IndustryHealth Technology


Market Capitalization197.1B
Book Value$107.95
Dividend Share1.12
Dividend Yield0.2%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)18.79
PE Ratio26.77
PEG Ratio3.01
Wall Street Target Price656.27

Novartis AG (NVS)

Novartis AG is a Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company. The Company develops, manufactures, and markets branded and generic prescription drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), biosimilars and ophthalmic products. The Company uses science and digital technologies for treatments in the disease areas of immunology, dermatology, cancer, ophthalmology, neuroscience, respiratory, cardiovascular, renal and metabolism. The business activities of the Company are divided into two segments: Innovative Medicines, which includes innovative patent-protected prescription medicines for blood pressure, cancer and other ailments, and Sandoz, which includes generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars.

Company Information

OrganizationNovartis AG
CEODr. Vasant Narasimhan
IndustryHealth Technology


Market Capitalization169.5B
Book Value$28.83
Dividend Share3.39
Dividend Yield4.395%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)10.2
PE Ratio7.58
PEG Ratio4.53
Wall Street Target Price102.0

Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO)

Located in Bagsvaerd, Denmark, Novo Nordisk A/S is an international pharmaceutical corporation.

Denmark, has subsidiaries or offices in five nations and nine countries where production facilities are located.

Company Information

OrganizationNovo Nordisk A/S
CEOMr. Lars Fruergaard Jorgensen
IndustryHealth Technology


Market Capitalization231.9B
Book Value$32.81
Dividend Share11.15
Dividend Yield1.5%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)2.89
PE Ratio35.92
PEG Ratio1.79
Wall Street Target Price129.02

Abbott Laboratories (ABT)

Dr. Wallace Calvin, a doctor, founded Abbott Laboratories in 1888. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois. At various periods of their lives, his goal was to enhance people’s wellbeing and assist them in realizing their full potential. Abbott Laboratories was initially established as a manufacturer of medication formulations, but today it is a market leader in pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food items, and healthcare services

In 2014, Kalo Pharma International was one of Abbott’s most recent acquisitions, doubling its brand-generic medicine portfolio. In 2015, it purchased Tendyne and its minimally invasive mitral valve replacement solutions. Another crowning achievement was Abbott’s 2016 acquisition of Alere, which gave it access to Arriva Medical, the largest mail-order diabetes provider.

The business is committed to acquiring a significant competitive edge through investments as well as other means. The business has created a number of antibody tests that have been authorized for use in emergencies in response to the arrival of COVID-19. Forbes claims that the quick and affordable testing procedures used by Abbott Laboratories have sped up the identification of the COVID-19 virus.

The business is preparing to release ground-breaking goods including BinaxNOW, a COVID-19 test, and FreeStyle Libre, a cutting-edge glucose monitoring device, as part of its 2030 sustainability goal. Future plans for Abbott focus on giving even the most needy segments of society access to cutting-edge technologies at reasonable pricing. The market capitalization of Abbott Laboratories is at $176.72 billion. The P.E. ratio for it is 21.53. Abbott Laboratories’ stock is now trading at $103.52.

Company Information

OrganizationAbbott Laboratories
CEOMr. Robert B. Ford
IndustryHealth Technology


Market Capitalization176.7B
Book Value$20.84
Dividend Share1.86
Dividend Yield1.9%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)4.79
PE Ratio21.07
PEG Ratio16.01
Wall Street Target Price123.11

We hope it will help you understanding the pharmaceutical industry and the most competitive stocks in the healthcare sector. Market keeps on changing with the valuation.However it is advisable to do your own research before Investing.

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