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How to protect your Trust Wallet | Tips to secure Trust wallet


How to protect your Trust Wallet | Tips to secure Trust wallet -Importance of Trust Wallet in securing crypto wallet, Guide, steps, security measures and everything you need to know about security guide of Trust wallet

It all starts with safeguarding your cryptocurrency investments with all the scams and frauds happening in the digital era.

Are you holding any coin investment in any of the exchange or third party wallet? Is it secure? where are you keeping your crypto investments. Why do you need to secure your crypto funds and investments in the long run ?

Securing the crypto funds and investments have become a heavy task for all the crypto users as unable to do so can land you in hackers pocket or scammers trap. This will end up losing all your money. In this article you will understand the importance of crypto wallets, what is Trust wallet, why trust wallet is important for securing crypto funds ,how to secure and protect your trust wallet, Common crypto scams and measures to avoid them.


Crypto wallets are basically the tools which are connected to your blockchain network to generate the required info for your digital transactions over crypto platform. Transaction done over any crypto platform are been recorded by these crypto wallets which will be done by public or private keys generated by them .

Public Key in Crypto wallet

Public keys are been developed to generate wallet addresses for recieving crypto in your wallet, it is visible to the users.

Private key in Crypto Wallet

Private Key is basically your secret password used to verify transactions and create digital signatures for approving the transactions. It must be kept always safely and securely to avoid any fall.

Public and Private keys are been developed in cryptographic codes which are inter linked to each other in many ways for the transactions .

Types of Crypto Wallet

Software Wallet

These are basically online digitally available wallets which are installed via apps on hardware devices and can be accessed via phone, laptop, ipad or etc. Software wallets are hot wallets which can be operated by internet.

Hardware Wallet

It enables the users to hold their crypto offline over hardware devices making them more secure to the online and digital scamming world.


Wallet is advanced level web 3 non-custodial mobile multi chain crypto wallet. It was launched in November 2017 holding the access to 4.5 million digital assets like crypto currencies , Nfts and Fiat currencies.

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Trust wallet is not only popular for holding funds , however, It has many wide range of abilites to perform different tasks.

  • 66 Blockchains connectivity
  • Connectivity to Popular DApps
  • DApp Browser
  • Buy and stake digital assets
  • Non -Custodial Wallet-full authority of your private keys

Trust wallet is one of the First secured Platform to hold crypto wallet in the market after that we have MetaMask too .Trusting the trust wallet brings the more responsibilities on Trust wallet platform for the users. We have listed few points to protect the trust wallet in security terms.

How to protect Trust Wallet from scam or phishing

How to protect Trust Wallet from scam or phishing | Tips to safeguard your Trust Wallet

Never share

It is basic guide given by all the financial platforms in the world for not to share the confidential information to anyone which includes your secret phrases, private keys ,passwords, pins, OTP and many more. All these information can give access to others in very uninvited way. Keeping them safe will protect your crypto-wallet from Unauthorized access.

Offline copy

Being digitally open to all the resources can easily give the access to the hackers or scammers. However, keeping the secret phrases in physical mode either in paper or writing down somewhere which can written down in many places. You can use many methods to put the private keys in different locations to secure the crypto assets.

Back Up

Keeping an extra back up for your secret and private is always helpful as we tend to lose or forget the later easily. It can actually help you to safeguarding at the time of lost or theft .You can easily retrieve your trust wallet account by having the secret phrases in any given point of time

One on one

One on One strategy is been used by many financial advisers and is been advisable for everyone to use. Use one secret phrase or secret key for One crypto wallet which will protect all other crypto wallet in case of hackers put their hands on one. Using the same secretive password ,key, Otp, pin, code, private key or etc. will be more prone to fraudlent activity.

Hot and cold

Keeping all the eggs in one basket can lead you to have all the eggs broken at same time. Same thing is been advisable here to divide your assets into hot and cold storage accordingly. Cold storage can always hold your bigger investments , however, hot wallet can used for smaller and daily trading needs. It will secure you in heavy loss.

Follow official Trust Wallet

All Financial platforms never ask to share your Private or secret keys with them. Beware of these fraudsters who claim to be a representative of Trust wallet and ask for password and information. Follow the Trust wallet official channels and handles to get the right information about the product.

Read common scams

keeping yourself updated about the latest scams, frauds, investment disclosures and community guidelines. Keeping yourself aware is better than getting trapped in scams

Careful use of Third party platform

Connecting yourself from Third Party Apps to Trust wallet account can also be intimidating. Always use Trust wallet coonectivity platforms from inside the apps to safeguarding the access to various resources.

The above guidelines can actually you help in protecting your Trust wallet from frauds, scams, phishing or any other type of online/digital theft.


Does crypto wallets can be hacked too ?


Is Trust wallet safe and secure ?


How to safeguard or protect your Trust wallet ?

Read the above given steps and measures to secure your trust wallet

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