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How to prevent Crypto Scam and Fraud


How to prevent Crypto Scam and Fraud -Detailed Explaination, Points, Tips, Reasons, step by step guide

Cryptocurrency has became the most lucrative investments in the market which has got billions of investments in past few years.Any financial product has some pros and cons which scammers or fraudsters look to find a bug inside the system to steal or do crime against that.

Accordingly, Cryptocurrency scam has taken over the markets in many places where users are getting scammed by these fraudsters. To protect you from these scams and frauds in the Cryptocurrency platform or any thing related to it we have brought some guide and points on how you can prevent and protect yourself from Cryptocurrency Fraud. These points will save you on how to avoid and fall for the theft online over the cryptocurrencies.

How to avoid Crypto Scam | How to protect yourself from Crypto Fraud

How to avoid Crypto Scam | How to not fall for Crypto Fraud

Secure passwords

First thing for us as an Cryptocurrency Investor we need to protect/Secure our login,Transaction or other passwords associated with the cryptocurrency accounts.

Secure Assets

Secure your purchases by using proper payment methods available according to your country .Do not use any payment method which you are not aware about.

Use registered Exchange

Using Registered exchange in your country will give you benefit to understand the sources where you are buying.In case of any harm to your assets,you can at least approach the company or file Lawsuit.

Don’t use solo P2P peers

There is a tred in the cryptocurrency market to use solo P2P peers to buy different cryptocurrency coins to avoid fees or charges taken by the exchange or provider.However,choosing solo p2p can actually invite scam to your door step and you wont be able to file complaint as well .Use peers through exchanges.

Careful use of Defi

Defi ,decentralized finance structure payment also is same like P2P .once again if the source is known to you then only make a purchase through registered Defi systems like In Binance DEFI.

Awareness program

participate in Awareness programs runs by various Crypto communities to educate people to avoid any cryptocurrency fraud with them.


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Malware check

Keep checking for any malware in your electronic devices to avoid loss of Cryptocurrencies in your wallet or being hacked and lose your assets.

Regulatory Guidelines

Many cryptocurrencies go live in the market without registering themselves with the regulation .Do not fall for make money fast Ponzy schemes of cryptocurrency Market.


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