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How to Buy NFTs on Binance in 5 easy simple steps


How to Buy NFTs on Binance in easy way | Five steps to Buy NFTs on Binance | Everything you need to know on how to buy

NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN have become so popular in the recent months that the market cap of NFTs has grown to multiple times more than the crypto growth in the industry .Everybody is only talking about NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN (NFTs).With the increase in popularity and demand, there have been new marketplaces available to buy, sell or create. However, Binance is still dominating the World largest Centralized NFT platform for the users.

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Binance is the biggest platform to buy NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN in the market place where it becomes easy to browse different categories, selections, choices, trust worthiness and more.

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Binance is giving flat fee of 1% on their platforms to Buy NFTs with wide variety of choices in game items, virtual land, art pieces and more. We are going to teach you on how to Buy NFTs on binance platform in full detailed explaination

How to Buy NFTs on Binance in simple steps | Five steps to Buy NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN on Binance | Full detailed guide on How to Buy Nfts

How to Buy NFTs on Binance in Five easy steps

Easy Steps

Following are the steps on how to buy NFTs on Binance in 5 simple steps :

Create account

It all starts with creating an account on Binance with submitting all your documents or finishing up your KYC on the Binance Platform.

Top Up

The next step is to top your crypto spot wallet on Binance with 3 accepted cryptocurrencies BNB,BUSD or ETH on Binance NFT marketplace.

Enter NFT Market Place

Now after topping up your spot wallet, access the Binance NFT Marketplace on the App or website.
On Binance app : Click on the more button and under trade section, select BINANCE NFT.
On Binance Website : Select NFT on the homepage menu ,click the link below.


Choose NFT

Choosing the Right NFT is the biggest task in the big sea world of NFTs. You should filter out your choices on choosing the right NFT for yourself. To choose right NFT, Below are the given advises :
Choose the category according to your need on Binance like GAMING, etc.
Choose the filter function for sorting out the best option for yourself like secondary market or the mystery box market, collections, Sales type, NFT type ,etc.
Check out the Top Performing NFTs and their rankings on the market place .


After choosing NFT, there are 3 methods available on Binance by which the seller will accept the credit.
Users can buy NFTs through auction, Fixed price or By making an random offer on the availability.

Check wallet

check your wallet after making a purchase of NFTs on the Binance Market place.


Is NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN Marketplace available on Binance ?


Can we buy Nft from binance app ?


Whats the flat trading fee of NFt on binance ?

1 %

Where to buy Nft on Binance ?


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