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Email Reveal : Solana and Bitcoin have a strong connection


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Is the founder of Solana among the select few who fully understands Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision?


In a recent tweet, Anatoly Yakovenko alluded to [SOL] apparent relationship with Satoshi Nakamoto.

This happened after 120 pages of communications between Nakamoto and Martti Malmi were made public, and it has generated a lot of discussion among the bitcoin community.

These early correspondence from Nakamoto gave light on Nakamoto’s viewpoints and offered insight into the creation and basic idea of Bitcoin [BTC].

“Satoshi also invented Solana. She just did a much better job covering up her tracks this time.  The truth is out there.”

Anatoly, tweeted

An account of blockchain peace

Solana Image Source : Zipmax

Yakovenko’s tweet also emphasised a comment made by Satoshi, which Mert, the CEO of Helius Labs, had previously brought attention to.

“Bandwidth speeds, prices, disk space, and computing power will be much greater by the time it’s needed” – Satoshi.” 

Elaborating on the same, Yakovenko suggested that these ideas closely mirror Solana’s development ethos.

For example, the anticipated growth in technology resources aligns with [SOL] goal of building an extremely scalable and effective blockchain.

Second, [SOL] design is based on the same ideas as Satoshi’s vision for the evolution of computing resources.

Last but not least, Solana intends to make use of upcoming technological developments that are consistent with Satoshi’s original ideas on the development and versatility of digital currency.

The cryptocurrency community comments

Yakovenko’s tweet has sparked diverse reactions within the crypto community. According to some,

“ It’s a playful acknowledgment of blockchain’s core principles.”

While, on the other hand, others may explore,

“ How Satoshi’s vision influences modern blockchain advancements.”

Overall, this revelation has sparked thought on how blockchain technology has changed from Satoshi Nakamoto’s original concepts in addition to showcasing Solana’s growth.

Yakovenko’s tweet has therefore demonstrated the crypto community’s respect for Satoshi’s legacy and continuous innovation toward a decentralized financial system, even in the wake of the rumors.

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