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5 difference between Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum classic (ETC)


Five difference between Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum classic (ETC)-Ether price and market cap, future, investment idea, market overview, developments and many more.

Are you confused also, when you type Ethereum in the exchange and looking for the coin/Token, why there are so many containing Ethereum name and which one to choose. Basically all the services provided by Ethereum network has given the birth to all the Ethereum containing tokens.

The main difference today we are going to discuss is about Ethereum (ETH) vs Ethereum Classic (ETC)-what are their market caps of the Ethereum, which method are they using for development ,who have a bright future, which one you should choose for your investment

Ethereum classic is basically created after Hard forking ETH in 2016 .Hard fork Method is an upgraded method where new rules gets integrated to blockchain platform and blockchain gets split into two networks. Both the split chains works as an independent identity in the market ,however, one of them follows the old blockchain rules from before and the later one follows the news rules of the blockchain.

So here ,the Ethereum follows the new rules of the blockchain and Ethereum classic follows the old rule of the blockchain.

so what was the need of forming ETHEREUM CLASSIC as we all are aware about the DAOs Hack case happened on Ethereum network so to avoid scenarios of scamming and upgrading the network it was needed to hard fork with Ethereum classic.

Ethereum classic (ETC) behave as a smart contract network and it supports and Host Decentralized apps too on its network. It was basically launched too protect the integrity of Ethereum (ETH) original network by splitting it into 2 networks.

Five difference between Ethereum (ETH) vs Ethereum classic (ETC)

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This is an advance feature on ETH where users can alter there transactions which is been already registered and processed too .However, same old Blockchain Ethereum classic doesn’t promote and allow the users to change the details on the network.

Market Cap

Ethereum (ETH) has 2ND LARGEST Market Cap after BTC holding 18% of the dominance factor in all over cryptocurrency industry and where Ethereum classic still ranks below Top 15 in the cryptocurrency chart having the lower market cap than the Ethereum.

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Mining Process

Ethereum uses Proof of work (POW) mechanism for creating blocks earlier which was shifted to Proof of stake (POS) later on with the upgrade where Ethereum classic uses the old Proof of Work (POW) Mechanism to build the new blocks in the blockchain.

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This is the futuristic point for all the investors that Ethereum classic has put an end to the upgrades by following the old rule book of blockchain whereas Ethereum (ETH) after the merge has shown the potency to upgrade the network development in different stages like


All these developments will be done to make the platform more better.


Ethereum has no limit on token production building over blockchain network as compared to Ethereum classic whose capacity has been hold on to USD $ 230 MILLION only.

We hope you have come to the better understanding between ETHEREUM (ETH) VS ETHERUM CLASSIC (ETC) after reading the above information. Follow us by pressing the notification button for the next latest updates like this.


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