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Bitcoin prediction 2023 (BTC) shocking truth revealed


Bitcoin prediction 2023 (BTC) has been done by the Crypto Industry experts and the data or figures are not in the favour of investors .The Analysts have even shared that it is going to see the new lowest as compared to Year 2021.

Bitcoin Price will not cross $ 30K in this year and not going to beat the favorable all time high of $68000 until 2025.

Crypto Experts

The data has been revealed by the panel of experts reviewed by Finder.com .The 56 panelists has given their price predictions by looking at the average peak predictions and other factors by which they have acknowledged to say that Price is nowhere going to be above than $29000 with unprecedented low average of $13000 in the year.

The opinion and poll has affected some of the investors hope in terms of attracting good gains for the year. However, Crypto passive investors are nowhere into trouble as many of the projects are being launched in past two quarters.

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How to prevent Crypto Scam and Fraud

The Coin market cap data has revealed that Crypto market has just crossed $1 trillion dollar in the recovery phase. With all the ups and downs seen in the past months, The fall of GREAT FTX and Losing trust on Big Game changers like Binance. The crypto industry has lot more to give than just quick earnings.

Factors affecting Growth of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2023

High Cost Of living

This is a very favourable point to say in the begining of 2023 as many of the countries have seen devastating recovery phase after Covid. Cost of living has increased by which the middle class person is unable to put some investment. Nevertheless, crypto has not provided value to the society or community till now.

Many projects

As we many projects have been discovered everyday and launched in the market. Neophyte investors are always looking for projects to earn money in short term which is grabbing the potential route of investment to the undeserving projects.

Law issues

It is basically the trust issues associated with the cryptocurrency industry.The scams, phisings, fruad and many more was always been a part of the cryptocurrency industry on larger and frequent scale which has grabbed attention of the investors to look for stable and low risk investing solutions or products. Bitcoin

Cryptoindustry Incidents

Recent cryptocurrency market have seen, FALL of SBF FTX EXCHANGE ,Bankruptcy, Binance issues and many more. All these are now affecting the Cryptocurrency markets with the investment.

These are potential threats to cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin growth. If the institutional investors will find better safe options to invest then it will be affected to coin industry. Bitcoin

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