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Bitcoin can stop “the crazy wars of the rich.” – Executive


Bitcoin occupies a strong position in the world economy. Analysts even think that Bitcoin has the power to halt conflicts.

Max Keiser, a senior advisor on BTC and Chairman of Volcany Energy, discussed the complex connection between conflicts, traditional fiat currencies, and the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin (BTC) as a sign of world peace in an interview with Elwood at Orange Pill.

The legislative actions taken by Ukraine to freeze the assets and bank accounts of people who are avoiding military conscription serve as a backdrop for their conversation. These actions serve as a harsh reminder of the coercive power that governments have over their citizens through centralized financial systems.

Fiat money acts as a trigger for conflict.

Keiser and Elwood conducted a critical analysis of how fiat money contributes to the continuation of international conflicts. They maintained that fiat money makes it easier for wars to go on. Every nation’s economy is supported by its fiat currency, which other nations then aim to undermine. Most nations wouldn’t need to wage wars if Bitcoin took the place of fiat money.

Additionally, the decentralized structure of Bitcoin and its cryptographic security provide a “impenetrable encrypted wall” around a nation’s economy, in contrast to fiat currencies, which are vulnerable to inflation and state control.


Elwood observed in the interview that,

“With Bitcoin, none of us have to go fight an insane war that just benefits rich people.” 

Here’s why central banks essentially desire wars

The central bank’s position on BTC taking the lead as the main form of payment was also discussed. With wars, a crucial part of how central banks operate is to issue debts that significantly contribute to the bank’s income development. In the event that Bitcoin becomes the norm for money, these institutions won’t be motivated to lend money.

Talking about this in further detail, Elwood added,

“The central banks just want you to keep betting on both teams. They don’t care who wins.”

The relationship between debt, fiat money, and conflict is what motivates the pair to support Bitcoin as a workable substitute for maintaining world peace.


BTC : A powerful tool for world peace

Moreover, Keiser and Elwood envision a world where BTCs adoption leads to a paradigm shift in international relations. With economies secured by Bitcoin, nations would have little to gain from aggression and would instead seek peaceful resolutions to disputes. This perspective is not merely idealistic but talks about the technological and economic realities that Bitcoin presents – A stateless, decentralized currency immune to the whims of government and central banking policies.

Highlighting  the significance of Bitcoin being the world’s reserve currency, Keiser said,

“Economics has always evolved in the course of human history as a by-product of wars. If there is no profit in going to war because the money is unconfiscable, then you’re not gonna go to war.”

Congressmen from the United States and other policymakers throughout the world are strongly urged to embrace BTC as a weapon for advancing global peace. Leaders may lessen the existing financial systems that support and sustain conflicts by promoting the quicker adoption and use of Bitcoin.

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