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Binance get Yellow flag for BNB token listing on major US exchanges


Cryptoexchange latest updates : Binance BNB token has not been listed on the Major US exchanges by which crypto analysts have given the yellow flag to the BNB token .

The World Biggest Cryptocurrency exchange, BNB is gathering news over past few days in the speculation and aftermath of the crypto market. The later has been the center of focus in the eyes of crypto watchers and crypto whales after seeing the massive deposit flows in few days. The Mazar report has made the exchange might be under review by U.S authorities in the coming days after the FTX deadly fall.


Source : Reuters

BNB token has taken an unprecedented fall in the last few days up to 17 % as $ 245 which has clearly shown the downward trajectory to crypto users and investors. Earlier BNB token moved very fast from $ 40 billion to $ 116 billion in total market capitalization at some point and now once again it has started to fall down.

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Coin Desk Market Index is down by approx 6 % in terms of digital assets after the slowdown of the BNB token. The Binance platform has seen an enormous number of withdrawals in the last few days reaching the higher level of every withdrawn amount in one day from any exchange platform.

Binance Founder and CEO were seen as saying ,”The Bumpy roads ahead ” earlier in the staff meetings. The question has been raised by the binance trustees and investors that” IS binance losing confidence similar to unpredictable fall of SBF FTX fall?

Source : Financial Times

Even at was seen in the crypto market, FTX fall was seen only after the exchange’s own token FTT token started to go down on the indexes.

Similar type of crucial factors resembling in the history of FTX FTT token fall down ,the crypto analysts on Binance platform are looking for the parameters .The same key factors which were there in the FTX FTT listings was not there on major US exchanges same as BNB token has failed to get listings from the major US exchanges, it is basically only available on Binance US.

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Source : bloomberg.com

Most popular Crypto exchanges do not list BNB Token due to the security for the centralization of their network. It not worthful to get listed on US popular crypto exchanges .

Binance representative told the Coin desk about the BNB chain ecosystem which is not only one of the powerfull utility token however you can also use BNB token in many applications and cases.

Yes it has been commented by many Major exchanges for not listing BNB token due to many reasons which includes integration work, technical aspect, security reasons and many more but these are only associated to the framework of many exchanges regulations.

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