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Binance’s 1.9 Billion dollar withdrawals sparked the industry


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance latest news update: Binance users and investors withdrew 1.9 billion dollars in the last 24 hours which was the highest number of withdrawals done till today. The experts have made remarks on the crypto market to be more volatile and bumpy in the coming days.

The outflow of 1.9 Billion dollars has given rise to the largest daily outflow since June and Ethereum-based withdrawals have reached a level of 2.2 Billion dollars during the last seven days.

Binance, the World’s largest Crypto has seen some fair ups and downs after the FALL OF FTX exchange in the Crypto Market. Binance has temporarily paused USDC WITHDRAWAL’s operation on its platform.

The rival of Binance, FTX exchange dominated the crypto market, and after a fall dominance was held by Binance in the market.

Why Binance is facing heavy withdrawals?

The main reason behind the heavy withdrawals done by the users on Binance is the Proof of reserves report shown by Mazars , France based auditing firm.

The report revealed its holdings of BTC (bitcoin) exceeded customer deposits in single day where the data have been collaterealized and the mazars have to step down from auditing the Crytpo firm.Mazars have recently commented to not take crypto clients for auditing.

An Analyst have said that ” binance have seen splurge in withdrawals due to the proof of reserves reports presented earlier by mazars and later on removing from the public portal which created uncertainity in the market and users started to withdraw .”


In the context of the stories in the market,spokesperson of binance said that we are equally balnced in users assets at 1:1 ration at binance.Our structure for users deposits and withdrawals vary for many reasons and it is always centered on debt free structure at binance.

Binance have always more than enough funds to process all the withdrawal requests with no alteration and further notices,” spokesperson said.

As the BNB is already facing pressure from authorities for their long running criminal investigation focused on BNB compliance with US anti money laundering laws and sanctions. Because of this Binance BNB token saw the 4 % drop recently and users started to think twice before depositing on binance .

What was happening on Binance?

Binance halted the withdrawals of USDC where they have seen the Token swap qualities over the network. Binance Chief Executive Changpeng Zhao tweeted recently about an Increase in USDC withdrawal.

Toke swap is basically referred to as users’ digital tokens exchanging their crypto coins with other coins over any particular blockchain network.

Users were swapping the USDC with the other 2 tokens named BINANCE USD and Paxos standard.

Converting user balances and new deposits of USD coins and other stablecoins into its own Binance coin USD. In the US, the situation was taken into consideration after the banks became operational.

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