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7 Ways to Earn and Save More on Binance 2023 | Cheats to Earn on Binance


7 Ways to Earn and Save More on Binance 2023 | Best ways to Earn More on Binance

BNB, World’s largest Crypto Exchange platform is the best platform for crypto holders. It provides many options to the users to diversify their reach in the crypto world. Binance has launched various earning options for the users on their platform by which you can earn more money on Binance by simply holding crypto assets on Binance.

We will tell you about the 7 cheats to earn more on Binance with their minimum investment and rewards related to them.

7 Points to earn more on BNB

Flexible Earnings and savings

Once again BNB is giving priority to its users for earning and saving more on their platform by providing them the flexible savings options where users can earn interest and daily rewards on their crypto assets and withdraw assets any time out of Binance. Passive investors can choose this opportunity to earn more while sleeping.

Minimum Investment: None

Fees: No fees

Rewards: Daily


Launchpool is a great feature on binance.com to acquire new tokens listed on the platform with your existing crypto tokens. Earning the highest potential profit from this can go on for 30 days.

Fees: Nil
Rewards: Daily
Min investment: depends on the offer chosen

Fixed Deposit Savings (FD on crypto tokens)

Yes, the traditional fixed savings in the financial world have reached the BNB platform for users to earn higher interest and rewards. It is locking down your crypto assets on the exchange for a certain no of days in the lock-up period. This is very good for those users who don’t need to use their funds for the coming days and it will earn them fixed earnings.
Minimum Investment: $100

Fees: No fees

Rewards Distribution: Daily


Similar to fixed savings this option also is good for crypto users where they can stake select stable coins for some time to earn interest and rewards on their crypto assets.

Minimum Investment: 10 USDT equivalent

Fees: No fees

Rewards Distribution: Daily

ETH Staking

Do you know if you are holding ETH in your assets, you can earn by staking ETh and get BETH with a 1:1 ratio? Read the importance of ETH 2.0 on BNB and why you should have it.

Minimum Investment: 0.0001 ETH

Fees: No fees

Rewards: Daily

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The BNB ecosystem has effortlessly brought the DEFI staking with fewer procedures and protocols as compared to third parties. Binance offers rewards directly to be credited in your wallet. You can stake up your crypto assets ( BTC, BNB, BUSD, USDT ) with a flexible locking system.

Minimum Investment: 100 USD equivalent and above

Fees: No fees

Rewards Distribution: Daily

Investment Risk: High

Liquid Swaping

You can also become a liquidity provider on the Binance platform now by just using the Liquid swap option where you will rewarded. Just add your sable coins and tokens from your wallet to Binance Liquid Swap.

Minimum Investment: 10 USDT/BUSD equivalent

Fees: 0.04%

Rewards Distribution: Real-time

Risk Level: High

Keep checking the Earn page for new options

Binance is the only platform that has evolved in these years for crypto users. It provides not only regular savings and deposit options from where users can earn. However, it keeps on improving the earn and rewards option on the Binance Platform.
some of the rewards you can get on first come first serve basis.

Minimum Investment : Differs
Fees : No fees

Rewards : Depends per activity

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We will be bringing 5 cheat codes on how to save more money on Binance. stay tuned to Dollar Street.


Does Binance offer earning options on its platform?


What are the options available to earn more on Binance ?

Read the above article to know more about the seven ways to earn more on Binance.

Is ETH 2.0 staking available on Binance?


Why you should use earning options on binance ?

To earn more while holding crypto assets while you sleep.

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