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48M blur tokens hit the market – What next at Obscure costs ?


blur tokens price faces uncertainty as 48 million more tokens flood the market. Will Obscure costs remain high, or is a correction imminent?

  • More than $35 million worth of Obscure has been opened.
  • Obscure has kept up with its cost in the $0.7 district.

Obscure [BLUR] as of late encountered a token open esteemed in the large numbers of dollars. Pre-unlocking pumps are typically included with every unlock, but did that hold true in this instance?

Blur opens more tokens

These blur tokens were hence moved to Coinbase for dissemination. With this new open, a sum of north of 583 million tokens, esteemed at more than $437 million, have been delivered so far.

Right on target Chain information showed that on sixteenth of February, Obscure started the opening of a portion of its tokens from its lockup contract. 48.66 million tokens, worth more than $35 million, were unlocked, according to data analysis.

This unlocking process has been ongoing for nine months, with additional tokens expected to be unlocked in the coming months.

Blur tokens proceed pre-opening upswing

In the days leading up to the unlock of its token, Blur has historically experienced upward price trends, and this most recent event followed the same pattern.

An investigation of the everyday period graph showed that Obscure started displaying patterns on fifth of February. The main floods happened on the thirteenth and fourteenth of February, seeing an increment of more than 15% and exchanging at roughly $0.74

Source: Trading View

Moreover, this is obviously the first time in almost a year that the cost arrived at this level. In spite of a slight downfall of more than 1% on the fifteenth of February, it kept up with the $0.7 cost level.

At the hour of composing, it was exchanging at around $0.73, with an increment of under 1%. Likewise, the diagram showed that it supported areas of strength for a pattern, as reflected in its Overall Strength Record (RSI). At the hour of composing, the RSI was over 65, showing areas of strength for a pattern.

blur tokens volume continues to decline

Assessment of Obscure’s exchanging volume the most recent 24 hours showed a perceptible decline.

Practical or not, here’s Obscure’s market cap in BTC terms

Information obtained from CoinMarketCap showed that the volume has encountered a practically 33% decay during this period. This connotes a significant decrease in exchanging movement contrasted with the earlier day.

As indicated by Sentiment information at the hour of composing, the ongoing volume is around $74 million. Furthermore, the information showed a declining pattern in volume throughout recent weeks.

Source: Santiment

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